Copper tubing; 6mm OD, 0.7mm 0.028" wall; MOQ 250 coils.

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General Details

This copper brake pipe is made of pure copper, by giant Chinese copper tube manufacturers that are ISO 9001 certified.

  • Much more flexible than steel tubing
  • Extremely easy to bend and flare
  • Meets SAE and BS EN standards
  • Suitable for ISO/DIN bubble flare,  ISO/SAE double flare (inverted flare), and single flare.


Tensile Strength40 ksi (205MPa)
Expansion40% min
Theoretical Burst Pressure9050 psi i.e. 62.4 MPa min


  1. We can also supply tubing of 0.75mm, or even thicker wall , to further increase pressure resistance.
  2. Burst pressure calculation could vary according to the stress limit applied to the formula.



Pb – Burst pressure, MPa
σb – Tensile strength, MPa  (205MPa applied)
D0 – Outside diameter, mm
δ – Wall thickness, mm


  1. Eddy Current (Non-Destructive)
  2. Flattening Test
  3. Expansion Test
  4. Tension Test
  5. Pressure Proof Test
  6. Mercurous Nitrate Test
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