Who We Are

Engingeered Industries Limited is a major manufacturer of copper brazed double wall steel tubing (also known as Bundy tube) used for automotive hydraulic brake lines for over two decades. We also stock copper nickel brake line tubing and hardwares for brake line installation.

Advantages We Have

  • Quick delivery (do remember that we have more partners around the country as our “extra stock”).
  • Low MOQ (minimum order quantity).
  • Flexible shipping channels (airway cargo and ocean liner).
  • Flexible payment channels (bank transfer, PayPal, Payoneer, Western Union etc.).
  • Custom packaging accepted.
  • Branding with your own business information accepted.
  • Always trying to reduce your overall purchase cost.

What We Supply

  1. Metal tubing used for automotive hydraulic lines (brake, fuel, power steering, cooler etc.)
    • Zinc plated steel tubing
    • PVF coated steel tubing
    • Nylon coated steel tubing
    • Epoxy coated steel tubing
    • Stainless steel tubing
    • Copper tubing
    • Copper nickel tubing
    • Titanium tubing
  2. Pre-bent tube assembly manufacture services
  3. Hardware made of mild steel, stainless steel, brass and titanium
    • Nuts
    • Nipples (fittings)
    • Unions

To Whom We Supply

  • OEM Tube assembly fabrication companies, who offer tube end forming (e.g. flaring), bending or connection with hydraulic hoses, to ultimately supply tube assemblies ready to be installed on vehicles;
  • Distributors,  wholesales, and retailers whose ultimate clients are individuals and repair shops that use the tubing make replacement tubes on their own.

Our Clients

Clients of ours and our patners’ are major sub-contractors of the pre-bent tube assemblies who are offering bending, flaring services etc. The ultimate OEM products are supplied to the following auto makers:

  • Volkswagen (joint venture with Shanghai Automotive)
  • Volkswagen (joint venture with First  Automotive Work)
  • GM  (joint venture with Shanghai Automotive)
  • GM  (joint venture with Changan Automotive)
  • Mazda ( (joint venture with Dongfeng Automotive)
  • BYD Auto
  • Geely Auto
  • Chery Auto
  • etc.
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