ALGAL – Aluminum-rich Epoxy Coated Steel Brake Line Tubing

Specially coated tubes are requested by GM for the hydraulic steel tubes carrying fluids for automotive such as brake lines, transmission cooler lines etc., with a GM designation GE.

It is named Zinc-Aluminum Alloy-Extended Corrosion Protection by GM, and calledALGALcoating mostly in China.

It is defined as the following:

Zinc-aluminum alloy as described inGALFAN, with coating thickness 3 micrometer, i.e. 50 g/m2 per ASTM A875, followed by an approved pre-treatment process and an approved aluminum-rich epoxy coating.

The purpose of this process is still enhance the corrosion resistance of the tubes further to 1000 hr min.

AlGal Coated Steel Brake Line Tube

AlGal Coated Steel Brake Line Tube