SAE J527 & JASO M101 Steel Brake Line Tubes – Automotive Hydraulic Tubing for OEM

The steel automotive tubing are used for automotive brake, fuel, transmission cooling, and power steering lines.

The basic tubes are copper brazed steel tubes, made to general automotive standard specifications like SAE J527, ASTM A254. They are further treated by zinc plating (galvanizing), GALFAN coating, PVF coating, aluminum-rich epoxy coating, and nylon coating for enhanced protection against corrosion.

The final tubes meet major industrial standards like JASO M101, GM123M/124M etc., and the are strictly tested because they must be in good condition to ensure the safety driving of vehicles on and off road.

Depending on the OEM buyer’s demand, tubes are packed in coils, or straight cut. They are wrapped by plastic film, bundled by woven strips, and shipped on pallets or cases.

Zinc Plated Bundy Tubes

Zinc Plated Bundy Tubes

4.76 PVF Coated Steel Brake Line Tube Brake Pipe

PVF Coated

PVF Coated Steel Brake Pipe

Nylon Coated