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M12x1 Brass Male Fitting Type B for Double/Inverted Flare 6.35mm 1/4″ Brake Line Tube Nut

This M12x1 male fitting type B for ISO double flare (SAE inverted flare) brake line is fully CNC machined precisely from solid brass bar.

  • Light weight
  • Never Corrodes
  • Highly strong
  • OD 6.35mm 1/4″ 0.25″ metal tube installation applicable


  • Weight: 12.8gram
  • Total Length: 21mm
  • Hex A/F: 12mm
  • Hex Height: 6mm
  • Thread: M12x1

It fits the ISO double flared (SAE inverted flare) tubes and is used for type BS 1 and BS2 tapped holes.

Note: We can also make custom brass fittings and parts according to designs files.

ISO Double Flare

ISO Double Flare (SAE inverted flare)

Type BS 1 tapped hole

Type BS 1 tapped hole (SAE inverted flare)

Type BS 2 tapped hole

Type BS 2 tapped hole (SAE inverted flare)

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