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8mm OD Copper Nickel (Cunifer/Kunifer) Tubing – Cupro Nickel (CuNi) 90/10

This copper nickel (also called cupro-nickel, cunifer, kunifer) tubing is made of 90% copper and 10% nickel, made by giant Chinese copper tube manufacturers that are ISO 9001 certified.

  • Much more softer than steel tubing
  • Extremely easy to bend and flare
  • Absolutely rust free
  • Meets SAE J1677 Surface Vehicle Standard
  • Suitable for ISO/DIN bubble flare, ISO/SAE double flare (inverted flare), and single flare.


Tensile Strength40 ksi (275MPa)
Yield Strength15 ksi (105MPa)
Expansion30% min
Theoretical Burst Pressure5474 psi i.e. 37.8MPa min


  1. We can also supply tubing of 0.75mm, or even thicker wall , to further increase pressure resistance.
  2. Burst pressure calculation could vary according to the stress limit applied to the formula.



Pb Burst pressure, MPa
σs Yield strength, MPa
σb Tensile strength, MPa
D0 Outside diameter, mm
δ Wall thickness, mm


  1. Eddy Current (Non-Destructive)
  2. Flattening Test
  3. Expansion Test
  4. Tension Test
  5. Pressure Proof Test
  6. Mercurous Nitrate Test
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