Brake Line Tubes & Fittings Supply

8.00mm Transmission/Fuel Line Steel Tubing Coil Zinc Plated with Yellow Chromate Treatment

This tube is double walled, 720 degree seamed by copper brazing, used for aftermarket replacement of brake line, fuel line, transmission cooler line, and other low/medium pressure fluid/air transfer, made to SAE J527, ASTM A254, JASO M101, GOST 11249, IS 8119 etc. general standards for automotive hydraulic tubing.

The tube is easy to bend and flare, suitable for SAE 45 degree inverted flare, ISO/DIN bubble flare, ISO single flare etc.

The tube outer surface is galvanized and chromated to white/silver/light grey/yellow/iridecent color to further enhance the corrossion resistance.


Tensil Strength42000psi (290MPa)
Yield Strength26100psi (180MPa)
Burst Pressure61.4MPa, min
Zinc Plating13μm, min
Salt Spray Test100 hr, min


  1. Eddy Current (Non-Destructive) & Visual Inspection
  2. Flattening & Bending Test
  3. Expansion & Flaring Test
  4. Tension Test
  5. Inside Surface Cleanliness Test
  6. Pressure Proof Test
  7. Neutral Salt Spray Test
  8. Gravel Impact Test


Brake/Fuel Line Tubing Coils, Zinc Plated Steel Brake Line Coils, Yellow/Iridescent Chromate